platos cave times five hoogstraten web2
A film by Gustav Deutsch
Treatment / Script

PLATO´S CAVE TIMES FIVE is a cinematic adaptation of the cave allegory of the Greek philosopher Plato in five episodes. Each episode addresses a different interpretation of the allegory, and is enacted as a reference to a film genre/subgenre of the history of film and its precursors:

1. Education >< Shadow Theater / Phantasmagoria / Magic Lantern show
2. Culture >< Cinema of attractions / slapstick film
3. Politics >< German expressionism / Film noir
4. Religion >< Mystical Avantgarde film / Horror film
5. Media >< Science fiction / Fantasy film

2,500 years after Plato, his allegory of the cave is of unbroken topicality with respect to the five themes of the episodes. In an age of galloping consumerism, of fear-stoked xenophobia, populist politics, religious fanaticism and an uncontrolled media presence, the rise from the sensually perceptible world of transitional things in the “cave” into the purely intellectual world of immutable being appears to be a necessary educational path that is equivalent to a process of liberation.

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transformationen farbkonzept

Wienwaldgymnasium Tullnerbach
Expositur Tullnerbach, BG | BRG Purkersdorf
Architecture: fasch&fuchs.architekten
Color concept: Gustav Deutsch, Hanna Schimek

so leben wir 01

A film by Gustav Deutsch
AT 2017, DCP, s/w & Farbe, 107 min

Original Music: Christian Fennesz
Sound: Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer

The film undertakes a journey via amateur film recordings gathered from archives in Austria, Italy, Holland and England, “traveling” from Boston to Italy, from the USA to Austria’s Burgenland, from Maryland to Greece, between Vienna, Sydney and Switzerland.

It is a journey, that employs a broad media-archeological array in a form of letter writing: from first color home movies to video and digital cell phone images and skype.

Festival Du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal
Sunday, Oct 8, 7.00 pm
Tuesday, Oct 10, 5.15 pm
Master Class, Wednesday Oct 11, 13.00h

Archivio Aperto Festival, HOME MOVIES - Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia:
Filmprogramme and Master Class about Home Movies with excerpts from HOW WE LIVE - messages to the family.
Saturday, Nov 4, and Sunday, Nov 5, 2017

Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata:
Nov 20, Paseo Aldrey, Sala 5, 11.30pm
Nov 21, Paseo Aldrey, Sala 5, 2.00pm
Nov 26, Los Gellagos Shopping, Sala 2, 7.00pm

Filmmaker Festival Internazionale di Cinema, Milano
10.12.2017, Spazio Aberdan, 9.30pm

Diagonale Festival des Österreichischen Films
16.3.2018, UCI Annenhof, Saal 5, 9:00pm
17.3.2018, UCI Annenhof, Saal 5, 1:30pm

Filmarchiv Austria, Metro Kinokulturhaus
5.4.2018, Metro Kino, 7:30pm

Österreichisches Filmmuseum
Masterclass "Home Movie Now?!", So 8.4.2018, 16:00h
So Leben Wir, Screening, 6:00pm

IndieLisboa Festival des Unabhängigen Films
26.4.2018, Cinemateca FR, 9:30pm

Jeonju International Filmfestival
4.5. Jeonju Digital Indopendent Cinema, 4:30pm
7.5. MEGABOX Jeonju (Gaeksa) 8, 2:00pm

IndieCork FIlm Festival
12.10.2018, Gate Cinema, 12:00pm

23.10.2018, endstation.kino, Bochum-Langendreer, 8:00pm

Filmmuseum Potsdam
24.10.2018, 7:00pm

22nd Ji.hlava International Film Festival
Masterclass: Home Movie Now?!

Istanbul Sehir University, College of Communication, Cinema and Television

Austrian Cultural Forum New Delhi

21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

6.3.2019, Pavlos Zannas Cinema, 7:15pm
Tribute Gustav Deutsch with 7 films.

Ann Arbor Film Festival

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die zisterne von phenakides web

8-channel sound work, endless
7-part series of images
TONSPUR 74, TONSPUR_passage / MQ Wien, 29.05.17– 29.07.17, daily 10am–8pm

Phenakides, an abandoned village in the mountains of the Greek island Aegina.
A cistern that is being conserved and stores water for goats.
85 stones: 1+2+3+5+8+13+21+13+8+5+3+2+1
Thrown into the water in the Fiabonacci Sequence, on 22.2.2017.
Apart from that: Silence.
Visible in the distance: Athens, a busy metropolis.

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axonometrie internat cluster detail web

School campus with boarding home, Neustift in the Stubaital
Architectur: fasch&fuchs.architects
Color concept: Gustav Deutsch, Hanna Schimek

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E0 aula 3

Federal School Aspern, Aspern Seestadt, 1220 Vienna
Architecture: fasch&fuchs.architects
Color concept: Gustav Deutsch, Hanna Schimek

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Three Part Performance Series by Gustav Deutsch and Hanna Schimek in the context of the Artistic Research project: Reset The Apparatus!

die bilderwerfer 8 web

DIE BILDERWERFER (The Image Throwers)
17.10.2016, Unttld Contemporary Gallery, Wien

An artist, who explores the technical possibilities of the two optical devices (Episcope and Overhead Projector) in view of its usefulness for artistic work.

A representative of the Company Liesegang, presents the optical devices produced by the company and tells about the companies history.

performance filmmuseum 3

DAS LEBENDE BILD & DIE BIENENZUCHT (The Living Image and the Beekeeping)
29.5.2017, Austrian Film Museum

In not far away future:
A media archaeologist and an entomologist determine and archive historical images of obsolete formats and extinct species.

bilder schiessen courtesy karl schmelzer ziringer

12.6.2018, Austrian Film Museum

In their third lecture-performance Bilder – Schießen Gustav Deutsch and Hanna Schimek target, metaphorically and literally, the act of shooting in the image-making process, the image producers and the audience.

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bisamberg 1986parcour vienna 2015

Collaborative research- preservation- and presentation project with the Austrian Film Museum.
From the Homepage of the Film Museum:
“In the context of Basis.Kultur.Wien’s SHIFT-program the Film Museum will take an in-depth look at amateur films both in the collection and in contemporary formats that look at the city of Vienna from its margins.

Artists Gustav Deutsch and Hanna Schimek will be heading this project in which the Film Museum will collect, show and preserve private moving images. Film and video-works from amateur filmmaking contexts of the last decades will be put into relation with contemporary forms of this practice, such as clips from mobile phones or social media uploads.

In two temporary out posts of the Austrian Film Museum, in Wien Sandleiten (2.6. - 16.6.2018) and in Seestadt Aspern (22.6. - 6.7.2018) seven programms, curated by Gustav Deutsch and Hanna Schimek and made up of historical and contemporary examples, will be shown in a "Unvisible Moving Cinema". At the same time, Vienniese inhabitants are called to bring their own private materials to the out post of the Film Museum.

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dog watch colona aegina 4.9.2015 web

Films by Gustav Deutsch 1990 – 2015
DVD, INDEX, 2016

Notes and Sketches I
31 pocket films from 2005 to 2015 (digital, col, 60min)

Adria – Holiday Films 1954 – 68 (School of Seeing I)
A 1990, 16mm (S-8 Blow-up), col & b/w, 37 min

Eyewitnesses in Foreign Countries
AT/MA 1993, 16mm, col, 33 min
Gustav Deutsch, Mostafa Tabbou

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An overview about projects, exhibitions, events, from 2013 - 2016